Recycle with Baylis & Harding

At Baylis & Harding we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and will continue to improve and develop our packaging. Items that cannot be recycled, simply send them back to us and we will take care of it!

What items are classified as non-recyclable?

While we are doing all that we can to make our packaging materials recyclable, all of our pumps, Sweet Mandarin & Grapefruit 1l Refill, Jasmine & Apple Blossom 1L Refill and items that are less than 40mm in size cannot currently be recycled at local recycling centres so follow the steps below to make sure it is repurposed. 

Return your Pumps, Refill Packs & minis here!


We’re excited to introduce a new service where you can return items using our Freepost service and we will recycle them with MyGroup. Turning them from packaging waste back into products that have a variety of new uses.

Please provide your name and email address to start the return journey.

This service is only available in the UK.

What happens to the returned items?

We have partnered with MyGroup to ensure that non-recyclable materials can be repurposed into new products such as garden furniture! With over 20 years of experience, MyGroup is committed to repurpose 100% of the returned items, for more information about the process click here.


You can also return refill pouches, pumps and smaller non-recyclable items at your local Boots store via their Scan2Recycle scheme. You might be able to claim Advantage points to help with your next purchase.

What packaging is recyclable?

There are lots of items in the bathroom or kitchen that can easily be recycled, just put them in your recycling bin at home or with bags at larger supermarkets:  

  • Shower Gel bottles - empty, rinse and replace the lid or cap
  • Hand Wash bottles - empty, rinse (separate the pump for return)
  • Bath Salts - recycle at larger supermarkets
  • Scrubs - empty, rinse and replace the lid
  • Goodness 1L Refill pack - recycle at larger supermarkets

Instructions can be found on most of our labels on the back of pack, you can recognise them by the following symbols:   


Are you still unsure about recycling?

Visit Recycle Now to find out what you can put in your home recycling bin here or contact your local council for more information. For any questions regarding our return service contact us at [email protected]